Add Module

Produces sum of the three inputs. Available in Short version, with the 3rd input hidden.


+ (Add Values): All three inputs are identical, and are added to produce the sum output.

In the Short version, the 3rd input is hidden, but it can be reached by clicking on the label to the left of the 2nd input. The mouse cursor will change from an arrow to an arrow with a question mark to indicate the availability of the hidden input.

Value Output:

Add X: Sum of the three inputs.

Neg (Negate) Module

Produces negate (minus) of input at the Value output; Logical output is True when input is 0.


In (Input Value): Any value.

Value Output:

Neg X: Same as input, with sign changed.

Logical Output:

Neg X: True (On) when input is 0, False (Off) when input is non zero.

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