Lag Module

Lag causes the output to change slowly from one step to the next, with intermediate steps along the way. It is useful for making gradual changes in MIDI parameters such as Pan. MIDI module Volume inputs have this same Lag function built in.

The top, In, input takes the value to be lagged, the bottom input is the lag time in steps of 5 milliseconds. Higher lag times change more slowly, and 0 is an instant change with the input going directly to the output. Lag works equally well with a value change at the input, or a value change from a Snapshot change.


In (Input Value): The value to be lagged. The output effectively "chases" this input, lagging by an amount set by the Lag input

Lag (Lag Value): The amount of lag to apply.

Value Output:

Lag X: Result of the lag function applied to the In input.

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