BankStep Example Patches

The BankStep patches in the Example directory contain many different BankStep configurations to get you started, and to give you a sampling of what you can do with BankStep.

A few patches are more or less blank, created as examples for you to build your own patches upon. These will not have an author listed. Of the user created patches, with the author's name in the title bar, you can play many as complete compositions, by clicking on the tool bar Compose button:

Most patches have multiple Snapshots that you can select from the drop down toolbar Snapshot menu, then press Run/Stop to play just the Snapshot:

Virtually all of the patches have some description of them by their authors. To see the author's notes, click on the tool bar Notepad button:

Our thanks to the BankStep users who created the example patches, listed below with the compositions they donated:

BankStep is Copyright © 2001-2004 by John Dunn and Algorithmic Arts. All Rights Reserved.