Arp (Arpeggio) Module

Produces a series of 4 timed pulses upon receipt of an input pulse.


Yellow LED (Logical): A clock pulses at this input generates a new set of output pulses.

T1, T2, T3 (Time Values): Sets the delay time in ticks for the T1-T3 outputs. T0 delay is always 0.

PW (Pulse Width Value): Sets the On time in ticks for each of the output pulses.

Logical Outputs:

Arp X T0: A pulse is produced at this output, with no delay, when the module receives a pulse at the clock input. It is the same as the input pulse, except the pulse duration is set to PW ticks.
Arp X T1-T3: Clock pulses produced after their respective delay times, as set by the T1-T3 inputs. Duration On is the same for all outputs, as set by the PW input. Yellow output LEDS flash to indicate the output status.
Arp X TA: A series of all 4 pulses, the logical OR of T0-T3.

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